Duo Discus QQ

I purchased this beautiful two seat high-performance glider in 2015. The glider was built in Germany back in 2002. For many years this glider flew with the contest number of "KS" on the tail. After I purchased this glider, I had to sand off the "KS" logo and replace it with the QQ logo you see now. Back in the KS days, this glider served in many contests and winch launch clinics at Eagle Field in Port Matilda, Pennsylvania

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The new panel in-flight

In February of 2020, I performed a whole-panel upgrade of my Duo Discus.

I often get questions about all the stuff I installed, so here is a breakdown of all the diagrams I created to keep all the cables straight. I did all of the cabling and wiring, and all of it was with the close supervision of an FAA certified Aircraft Inspector (IA). After all the installation work was done, we filed a Form 337 to describe the installation of all the hardware. We also performed a weight and balance of the glider. The glider only gained 10 pounds from the installation of all this extra equipment.

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