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The straight info about this whole relocation thing

Update: I have been repatriated to the US. My time in Switzerland was a treasure, even though the rest of the family didn't think so.

Here's a quick break-down of the history of my relocation, this has turned into somewhat of a FAQ.

Switzerland.  Most specifically, I'll be working in Moncor Villars-sur-Glâne, La Sarine, Freiburg, living in Bern (near Liebefeld-Köniz).
In January 2008, I move to Rüfenacht.

The original duration was two years.  I moved to Switzerland in July of 2007, and will be returning in the middle of July 2009, so for me, it looks like it will be almost exactly two years.

Because it's a heck of an opportunity, of course! The children may hate me for it now, but I'm sure they'll grow up to be more interesting people.  Also, this is likely to be the only opportunity for the family to ever get to see Europe. 

Living in Bern, working in Fribourg.  The kids started out at the International school of Berne, but transitioned to the local Swiss public school in Rüfenacht as of January 2008.  Some of the kids integrated very well (Cecilia, Josh).  The oldest kid did not, and is now home-schooled through an International school over the Internet.  I am sure they are all really excited to return to America and get back into an English speaking public school.

Same job I had before.  Just a different continent. The timezones are the most difficult part of the transition.  I am kind of idle for the first part of the day, and the second part of the day, when all my coworkers get in to the office, I am bombarded by phone calls, meetings, conference calls, instant messages, etc.

What is VeriSign doing in Switzerland?
They want to have some locational diversity (I will give no other details).   VeriSign is also moving up 30 employees from the South African office; and hiring local people to do work.

Will you be able to keep soaring?
Heck ya!  There is a gliding club within biking distance.  I visited them while I was on the house-hunting trip back in June. [http://www.sgbern.ch] [Article on Blog]

What about the kids? Do they come along?
Yes, the kids are all here with me. The wife too.  The rabbits, too.  (but they are a lot of trouble, we should have left them behind)

What About your Glider?
I do not get to take it along.  It is being left in the capable hands of my other two partners.  I have no current plans to sell it.  I hope to return to fly the heck out of it. 

Do you know French?
Since living in Bern, I don't need to know French. Working in Fribourg, I only interact with people in French for a few circumstances, so my French is limited to asking people if they speak German or English, restaurant French, and train station French. 

Do you have any details about what's happened recently?
I'm glad you asked. Please to be reading the blog, which I try to keep as up to date as possible. [http://pietbarber.blogspot.com/]  Notice that the URL I just gave you has no "www".  So please don't put 'www' before the pietbarber.blogspot.com, then complain to me that you can't get to it  (I hate it when people do that).