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Yes, that's a plane with no engine.  I happen to be one of those people with the rare opportunity to fly these graceful, beautiful aircraft.  The bird to the right is mine.  Well a third of it is mine, at least.  It is a German-built single seat racing glider named  Rolladen-Schneider LS-4.   It was the premier racing glider in the mid 1980s, and was for its day one of the top competitors. Many years have gone by, but for me, this glider still has incredible performance.  For every foot of altitude it uses to glide, it travels 40 feet forward, while traveling 51 knots.  You can't roll a car or bicycle or skateboard at that kind of speed down that shallow of a slope.   It has a top speed of 141 knots at sea level.  On a good day I can fly it for as long as my bladder can hold out.  My longest duration flight was 5 hours 43 minutes.

Soaring Flights

While I was in Switzerland, I got to fly with the local flying club there, and I did some outstanding flying in the summers of 2008 and a truly spectacular two weeks in 2009.

I have a web album of the various pictures I've collected over the years, you should take a look if you're interested


 Photo taken by Dick Otis in June of 2005.  I'm soaring over the Shenandoah Valley