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Ridge and Wave Lift 

This is a Google Earth representation of a ridge flight I took back in 2006.  It was a 3000' aerotow, I was dropped off on the Massanutten ridge, and I stayed aloft for 2 hours.

 It was a very cold April day,  it was actually snowing at altitude.  I headed back home at 2:30, and thawed myself out.  Later in the day, the conditions were still excellent, so I took a second flight.  On the second flight, I connected with an atmospheric phenomenon called "Wave Lift" and climbed to 13,000 feet from a start at around 2,500 feet above Sea level.  This flight earned me my "Gold Altitude" leg of the SSA's gold badge.  

Thermal Lift

 I've recently been tinkering around with the GPS wristwatch I use for running, and recorded a flight over the Shenandoah valley on 9 July 2011.  You can view it in Google Earth, by clicking on this link