Ragnar Legs

How do you create the maps?  Google Maps is the easiest way I have found.  But you can also make the tracks using gpsies.com. 

I've taken the liberty of creating the maps for Adirondacks (NY) runner #6, which you can find at these 3 URLs:
For each of those links above, do the following:
  1. If you don't already have the "Garmin Training Center" application, download it and install it now
  2. pull up the URL in a web browser window. 
  3. Find the link on that page that says "KML" Click it.  This will save the track to a file called 'something.kml' I've chosen a nice short name for each of the legs, something like "RR NY #6", and generally the KML file saves as RRNY6.kml. 
    • Repeat for all of the URLs for all of the Ragnar Legs you'll be running. 
  4. Go to gpsies.com, and click on the "Convert" link in the upper tab. 
  5. Upload file, Choose the KML file, Convert to "Garmin Course CRS", then hit the "convert" button. This will save a .crs file on your desktop. 
  6. Launch the Garmin Training Center. 
  7. Under "File..." there is an "Import..." selection.  Click that. 
    • Repeat for each .crs file that you downloaded back in step 5
  8. I created a new folder in the Garmin Training Center, and put all of the Ragnar Relay Regs into that folder. 
  9. Under the "Device" menu in Garmin Training Center, there is a "Send to Device..." option.  Click that. 
  10. The next time you sync your Garmin to your computer, you'll get the courses uploaded to them.