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Well, to be honest, I'm too shy to actually write anything by myself.  The arrangement usually is that I will do a lot of research with my hero, Matt Larson, and we will co-author a paper.  The stuff I write is usually pretty geeky, focusing on an aspect of computer networking called "DNS


Traffic Source Analysis of the J Root Anycast Instances

Presented at NANOG 39, in Toronto.  5 February 2007.  


PDF of the presentation:

Video of me giving the presentation:


Life and Times of J-ROOT


PDF of the presentation:

Video of my co-author presenting the paper: 

Anatomy of a Reflector Attack

 PDF of the presentation:
To be honest, Ken Silva and Frank Scalzo did the cool writing and presenting.  My role is that  I did a lot of the data collection in support of the paper.  (I didn't deserve to be a co-author, but I'll list it here anyway).


RFC 4697 (BCP 123)
    Observed DNS Resolution Misbehavior

This documents a small portion of the silly things that we have observed on the root name servers, and the name servers that serve .COM and .NET.  In this document, we make recommendations to DNS software authors, a few strategies that will prevent DNS storms being sent to the root servers. 




        The Heartbeat of Private Nets: Spectroscopy of DNS Update Traffic

    I gave some expertise about some of the annoying DNS traffic witnessed on the AS112 networks. I'm listed in the acknowledgments.


 For reviewing the DNS sections of these books, I am listed in the acknowledgments for these: